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A Letter from Craig Phifer


People deserve more from healthcare. We already have the clinical skills to deliver it. However, too many physical therapists are working in business systems that put shareholders ahead of patients. The result is burned out therapists, and patients who think PT is a waste of their time and money. If we want to change healthcare for our ourselves and for our patients, the best path is ownership.

Owning your own practice isn't easy, but I've never met a PT who said it wasn't worth it. One of the pivotal moments of my career came from an evening out with a chiropractor friend of mine. I told him that PTs would be way better off if we learned the business skills that chiropractors do. His response:

"I took one business class in school and it was terrible. The only difference between me and a PT is that I knew before I started school that to love my job, I was going to have to build it. No one was going to hand it to me."

 I can teach business skills. In fact, they're way less complicated than the brachial plexus. We need to build a world where more PTs believe ownership is an option for them. Because the only way to stop companies from exploiting PTs is to give PTs the power to set up shop across the street and compete against them...and win.

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Long-term, successful businesses put people first. That's what I teach people to do. If you are out to please shareholders more than your patients and staff, this isn't the site for you. The best way to build a sustainable business is to care about people. When you do that well, I can teach you how to do the things that make profits come easy. Like...

Standing Out From The Competition

How to fill your schedule with the RIGHT patients

Saving Your Time

I've made lots of mistakes over the last decade. Most PTs will make the same ones on their own, but you don't have to.

Managing Your Money

Smart spending is a competitive advantage. Saving where you can allows you to spend where it matters.

Kevin Lannan,

The MVMT Institute

"The blueprint system made it easy to take the right steps. It felt great having someone in my corner throughout the process!"

Joe Downing,

Valley Rehabilitation & Performance

"My Work life balance has never been better and I can say I am truly happy waking up in the mornings living my dream career"

Cody Doerflein,

Elevate Therapy & Performance

"I never saw myself as a practice owner, but now that I am, I couldn't imagine going back. I love it. Thanks Craig!"

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